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What Material Earrings Are Better?
- Dec 04, 2018 -

Nowadays, the earrings on the market are full of strange styles, but everyone has noticed what kind of material is the exquisite earrings? So what are the earrings of these materials good for the body?

Earrings must be chosen to suit themselves. In fact, everyone should know that 925 silver jewelry is popular among popular women. 925 silver generally refers to silver products with a silver content of 92.5%. The purity is about 92.5%. Sterling silver. Because too high purity silver is soft and easily oxidized, 925 silver adds 7.5% other metals to give it the desired hardness. Because it can be better shaped, inlaid with various gemstones, it can produce silver products with various shapes, bright colors, unique styles and exquisite craftsmanship.