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The Ring Won't Take Long
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Some of the women from the wedding to now pregnant to be produced, the ring has not been picked off the hand. When the due date want to take off the ring and put it, did not think the fingers have long thick, ring card into the meat, with a lot of methods are not picked down.

Expansion and contraction of the law

Ring on the hand for more than 10 years, unconsciously the whole circle card to the meat, want to pick also can't pick down. But if you put your hands in the fridge for a while, or frozen a lot of ice, put the finger on both sides of the ring, and left and right pinch, must contact the ring of this face, covering almost half an hour, the fingers feel reduced, and then apply some lubricating oil, the ring can be taken down, this method is relatively simple.

Second, the tool directly break

Find a jewelry store, please shop the Master tool to break the ring, and then reconnect well. This is probably the simplest and most reader-recommended approach.