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Notice Of The Ring
- Feb 11, 2018 -

What are the factors determining the price of a diamond ring? Diamond is the dream of every girl, mention diamond ring in addition to echocardiography or echocardiography. But the high price of diamond rings has deterred many people, even more, many people do not understand the impact of diamond ring price factors. If you want to know the price of a diamond ring, you will start with the diamond.

Diamond ring Price of the high and low first to see the diamond cut. Cut words, must be VG or EX, the best nature is ex cutting! Because the quality of the trade union so that the loss of diamond is larger, so there are many businesses in order to make drilling bigger, earn more money, will use inferior cut workers. New people in buying a diamond ring must pay attention to, a 50 points, only G cut the diamond, can not say that there is not a thirty or forty-cent ex-cut diamond good, and the price is definitely more than one times more than!

Again to see the color of the diamond, color is according to D, E, F such downward row, D-color is the best, H below began to yellow, even if there are 50 points, also no value!

Diamond ring price and brand also have a relationship, and diamond ring prices are oriented to the Diamond 4C Standard, the so-called brand diamond ring, the value will be generally high many, but also the so-called brand value.

And for a carat diamond ring price, usually 4C of course the higher the better, but 4 C and diamond price directly linked. If we just pursue quality, and do not care about the price, then we can buy color d-f color; NET degree VVS1-VVS2, cutter Ex, if as the general wear, then do not go to pursue super high quality carat drill, general wear we can buy g-i color, net degree VS2 SI1, cutter ex carat drill, The price is also affordable by ordinary people.