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How To Care For Zircon Jewelry
- Jan 08, 2019 -

A woman who is born for beauty, the most loved thing is everything that can make her beautiful. When you ask a woman what is most attractive to her, the answer is definitely not a man but a jewel, because jewelry is synonymous with nobility and beauty. It is what most women want to have.


Of course, the most beautiful gemstones will lose their brilliance if they are not supported and cared for. I think not all women can have expensive jewelry, but most women will have zircon jewelry like diamonds, so let me talk about how to raise zircon jewelry.


1. Zircon and cosmetics are strictly prohibited. Because zircon is oily, it is easy to get on grease cosmetics, otherwise it will make its appearance tarnish. 

2. In an environment filled with chemical gas, you can't bring it, because jewelry is very jealous of sulfur. Can't take it while exercising, unless you can guarantee not sweating.